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Hashed Emails — Overwolf Devs March Update

Welcome to the Overwolf Devs Newsletter for March 2024!

Hashed Emails — Overwolf Devs March Update

Welcome to the Overwolf Devs Newsletter for March 2024.

Greetings, Overwolf Developers! As we navigate through March, we are excited to share crucial updates that are set to enhance your development experience and prepare your apps for significant industry changes. Let’s dive in!

Our main topics of the month:

  • Hashed Emails
  • Vanguard Coming to LoL

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With Google phasing out support for third-party cookies in Chrome, the advertising industry is pivoting towards more privacy-centric solutions, prompting an industry-wide shift to alternative strategies like Universal IDs. A leading alternative is the use of Hashed Emails, a robust solution that aligns with the upcoming “cookieless” environment.

We have collaborated with leading industry providers such as Liveramp, ID5, TheTradeDesk, and Yahoo to integrate support for Hashed Emails via our API. Please note that sessions with hashed email address are more likely to generate higher CPMs. Advertisers spend more when a hashed email is present as this allows cross-site user tracking and better targeted campaigns. We highly recommend adapting to this change due to the potential risk of decreases in revenue.

Explore our documentation and FAQ to integrate Hashed Emails with your app here.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to your Developer Relations Manager.

Riot Games has indicated its intention to implement the Vanguard anti-cheat system in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics as seen here. This integration marks a significant shift and we are actively preparing our platform to align with these changes, ensuring our game events are fully compatible and ready for the version that will include this.

While we anticipate that in-game events will continue to function seamlessly post-update, we remain in close communication with Riot to monitor and adapt to any developments. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the integrity of your apps’ functionality within LoL.

Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the official release date and ensure your apps are prepared for these changes.

🏆 Quest Complete

  • Overwolf Open ID Connect service — The OIDC is a new version of the Overwolf SSO, which features an updated set of endpoints. Using this service, it is possible to use Overwolf account authentication outside of just the Overwolf client (Websites, Electron Apps, even mobile Apps), allowing you to utilize the Overwolf accounts system for those purposes.
    For more information about implementing this, check out our documentation.
  • Overwolf Version 0.242 — We have added properties that get the user’s system UI language, and more! Check the notes here.
  • Overwolf Electron Version 28 — We have updated the underlying electron version to 28.2.5! Check the notes here.
  • New Games — We added support for 37 new games! Look up the full game list.
  • Game Events — New events for The Finals, Apex Legends, and more!

🔍 On the Hunt

  • Developers Console Update — We have continued the overhaul of the console’s permissions system, bringing the relevant changes into the UI as well. Check out this Users and Permissions Bite 2 here.
  • Game Events Deprecation — Events for Valheim and Halo Infinite will be deprecated on 21/04/2024 due to lack of usage. Do let your DevRel know if you have plans for these events so we can take consideration.
  • Upcoming Game Events — We are working to add new events for Helldivers, Overwatch 2, Valorant, Dota, and more!
  • Last Epoch — Are you looking to make a new app and not sure which game to choose? Last Epoch is a new exciting ARPG that gives Diablo a run for its money!
    We are working to implement events for the game! Let us know if you intend to support Last Epoch with an existing/new app and if you need any support from us!
  • The Right Events for Apps — Found a game you want to make an app for but there are no events? Let us know by posting a request in our Discord requests forum! (make sure you have joined our Discord community to get access)

❤️ Support Main

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