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Dynamic Ads — Overwolf Devs February Update

Welcome to the Overwolf Devs Newsletter for February 2024!

Dynamic Ads — Overwolf Devs February Update

Welcome to the Overwolf Devs Newsletter for February 2024!

Hello Overwolf Developers! As we leap into February, we have some exciting updates and opportunities to enhance your app development journey. From new game integrations to dynamic ad innovations, here is what’s new and noteworthy at Overwolf.

Our main topics of the month:

  • Palworld Apps
  • Dynamic Ads
  • One App Pages

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We’re thrilled to introduce Palworld, the latest game addition to our platform! Palworld is an open-world RPG where players capture, train, and battle with creatures known as “Pals” — sounds familiar, right? The game is making waves on both our platform and Steam, and we’ve just released the first batch of game events for it.

Here are some app ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Capture and Replay
  • Pal Index
  • Breeding Calculator
  • Interactive Map
  • Trade and Social
  • Or anything else your imagination conjures up!

Check our Palworld on Steam here.
Review our GEP for Palworld here.

Thinking of developing an app for Palworld? Reach out to your Developer Relations Manager for support and get started!

We are constantly exploring ways to boost monetization, and our latest innovation is a game-changer: the reworked 400x600 ad container now supports multiple formats! The container will display the best ad available to maximize your revenue and can show video/display ads as well as multiple ads at once.

This new functionality is designed to enhance ad performance significantly compared to the traditional format, and current data shows a potential for a significant increase compared to the old 400x600 format. Not only does this upgrade promise better engagement rates, but it also opens the door to more lucrative direct ad campaigns.

Check out this new format in the Fortnite Creative Companion App:

Talk about implementing 400x600 with your Developer Relations Manager today!

A new format of an app`s page on our web store that showcases the app in much more depth and in a visually appealing way, and also serves as a useful “landing page” for developers who want to link users to their app’s page.

You can edit your One-App page through the “Store listing” part of the developers console. We will update the console to support new additions the One-App page brings so you can edit those as well. For now, do contact your Developer Relations manager for any changes you wish to make.

Check out the Outplayed One-App page to see what this is all about here.

🏆 Quest Complete

  • Version 0.241 — We have added properties for specific cases dealing with streaming and login, and more! Check the notes here.
  • Revenue Dashboard Improvements — Based on your feedback, we’ve made changes to the Revenue statistics dashboard. Let us know if you have any more feedback so we can improve your experience!
  • Added a general ARPDAU graph in addition to the US and None-US ones
  • The “Top 15” countries are now the “Top 50” for you to be able to see more
  • New Games — We added support for 148 new games! Look up the full game list.
  • Game Events — New events for Palworld, Lethal Company, and more!

🔍 On the Hunt

  • Electron Progress — We are working to integrate the Capture API into ow-electron, enabling you to include video-capturing features in your apps. We are also in the process of updating ow-electron to the newer Electron v28.
  • Upcoming Game Events — We are working to add new events for Palworld, Overwatch 2, Valorant, The Finals, and more!
  • Lethal Company — Are you looking to make a new app and not sure which game to choose? Lethal Company is a co-op horror game that has been exploding on our platform ever since its release in October.
  • Events are also out for Lethal Company! Check those out here. Let us know if you intend to support this game with an existing/new app and if you need any support from us!
  • The Right Events for Apps — Found a game you want to make an app for but there are no events? Let us know by posting a request in our Discord requests forum! (make sure you have joined our Discord community to get access)

❤️ Support Main

  • Over the coming month, we wanted to let you know that you may experience longer response times from our Developer Relations team due to temporary staffing issues we are predicting.
  • Please keep in mind that we are still in touch, and will keep responding to every incoming message. With that being said, if you have concerns do not hesitate to reach out to your DevRel or email us at developers@overwolf.com