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Advertising for Gamers — Overwolf Devs December update

Welcome to the Overwolf Devs Newsletter for December 2023!

Advertising for Gamers — Overwolf Devs December update

Welcome to the Overwolf Devs Newsletter for December 2023!

Season’s Greetings, Overwolf Developers! As we wrap up an eventful year, our December newsletter brings you the latest insights and opportunities to enhance your journey with us. From innovative advertising strategies to renewed subscription offers and important revenue updates, we have plenty to share!

Our main topics of the month:

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Advertising to Gamers

As gaming continues to evolve, so does the landscape of advertising to gamers. CMO of Overwolf, Shahar Sorek, explains how global brands and agencies like KFC, Dr Pepper, P&G, Monster, Intel, WPP, Dentsu, and Havas are doing exactly that, using Moment-Triggered Ads inside the biggest games in a cost-efficient, quick and scalable way.

This ties in strongly with bolstering revenue for developers, as this will create more opportunities with big brands for direct sales and increase revenue with another unique type of advertising.

Watch the Video on Advertising to Gamers:

For a deeper dive into these insights and how they can impact your app development, read the full article.

Subscription Offer for 2024

Great news for those looking to leverage our Tebex subscription system! Responding to your valuable feedback, we are excited to announce the extension of our special offer — Revshare-Free 2024 — until January 15th. This extension provides additional time for you to integrate this lucrative opportunity into your apps.

Moreover, we are pleased to inform you that our API is now finalized. With an updated sample app in place, apps that pass our review can immediately begin offering subscriptions to users. Remember, while standard Tebex transaction fees apply, a year without revenue sharing is a rare opportunity. Do not miss out on this chance to boost your earnings!

Connect with your Developer Relations Manager to move forward with migration!
Check our implementation docs here.

Revenue News

As 2023 draws to a close, we are entering what is likely the final stretch of high revenue for the year. Traditionally, ad budgets tend to run out post-December 24th, leading to a significant drop in January, as seen in previous years.

Stay tuned for more updates and strategies to navigate the changing revenue landscape in this new year in our next edition!

🏆 Quest Complete

  • Version 0.240 — We have added the ability to generate and configure user’s email hashes, and more! Check the notes here.
  • New Games — We have added support for 78 new games! Check the full game list.
  • Game Events — New events for Genshin Impact, Baldurs Gate, Valorant, and more! Always stay updated on game events on our roadmap.

🔍 On the Hunt

  • Upcoming Game Events — We are working to add new events for Valorant, Overwatch 2, Fortnite, and more! Check our roadmap for more information.
  • The Best Games for Apps — Are you looking to make a new app and not sure which game to choose? Here are some top games played on the Overwolf platform this month:
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Lethal Company
  • Valorant — New events!
  • The Finals
  • Rocket League — New events!
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Baldurs Gate III — New events!
  • Genshin Impact — New events!
  • Honkai: Star Rail
  • Ready or Not
  • The Right Events for Apps — Found a game you want to make an app for but there are no events? Let us know by posting a request in our Discord requests forum! (make sure you have joined our Discord community to get access)

❤️ Support Main

  • Happy holidays! On behalf of Overwolf and particularly the DevRel team, I would like to extend our utmost appreciation for your support and the awesome creations you put out there. Keep developing and join us in our community space.
  • If your app passed 5,000 downloads and you have not ordered one of our fancy t-shirts yet, go here to order your own!