Yay! SuperMan has joined Overwolf!

Ezra die Übermensch

I’m very happy to tell you guys that the Clark Kent of software programming, Dr. Ezra Hoch, has joined Overwolf, filling the position of VP of R&D. This means that our Magician (Nir) is now CTO. And with Ezra, Gil and Nir on board – we can probably do stuff for NASA… or even better – keep on bringing the good stuff to games!

Now let me tell you guys… this guy can code. He’s been coding since the age 10 (!), was responsible for complex (top secret) intelligence projects, and even did a PhD in Computer science.

Some interesting facts about this guy:

  • Favorite games ever: Star control 2 and Master of Orion.
  • He likes to read about the Roman Empire.
  • Like my grandma, he likes knitting.

On the more personal level, Ezra is also a good friend of mine and we’ve already worked together on several projects. I’m happy to have him on board, and I wish him the best of luck.

Thanks for reading!

Uri Marchand, CEO at Overwolf.


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